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The End of eWire

February 2007

Three years ago I mentioned that eWire wasn't dead yet, but since then there has been very few updates. In fact, it's been over one year since anything has been added to eWire. So even though it's pretty much a known fact anyway, I'm going to make it official: eWire is done.

I started doing `zines in 1986, then created eWire's first website in 1996. Doing `zines helped me meet riders from all over New England and the world, and `zines have also helped me end up in a career in web design (instead of accounting), and for both of those I'm grateful. Many thanks to everyone who helped out with eWire over its 10-year run, and thanks to you for reading.

--Kieran Chapman

P.S. From time to time some kid finds my "review" of the "BMX Freestyle Pro Flatland" video game and excitedly posts about it to some BMX message board. Once and for all: the game doesn't exist. The article is a joke. (And I'm surprised anyone actually believed it was real...)