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February 2004

If you haven't already noticed, the updates to this site have been pretty slim for the past six months. And actually, if it wasn't for Brian Chapman's contributions (including this month's Final Exam Jam story) this site wouldn't have had many updates recently. So I should start with a big "thank you" to Big-B for keeping this site alive for the past year (and longer, actually).

The truth is, I don't have the time or passion that I had for eWire when I started it in 1996 (or, for that matter, when I started my first `zine in 1986). The biggest change has been the birth of my daughter last summer -- any free time that once went into maintaining this webzine is gladly spent on her now.

This month marks my 33rd birthday as well as the 8-year anniversary of eWire. I've been riding for 20 years now -- a lot longer than I thought I ever would -- and still get on my bike once in a while. But since I don't get to contests & jams as much and I'd rather not spend free time coding the site, things are slowing down here.

There will still be the occasional site update, but I'm thinking of eWire more as an archive than a living, growing webzine now. So although it's not completely dead, updates will continue to be sporadic...perhaps more sporadic than before. With that, I'd like to thank everyone who's helped out with eWire over the years, and to you for reading.

--Kieran Chapman